Need a Ride? Going Somewhere?
Hitch One...


HitchIt is the new way to travel from Point A to B and even C.


HitchIt Drivers are the best of both worlds , On Time and Trust Worthy. Hard to believe, seeing is believing, and The Drivers, will make you into a believer.


HitchIt Crew are passengers on a voyage , in short you're a member of the crew. All of One...One For All, minus the swords, but just as loyal, no man left behind.


THE Tolls, it's all up to the HitchIT Crew . Draw Straws, Nominate a Crew Member, or even volunteer, the price must be paid, it's the only way.


The Gas, look cars need those fumes to Vroommmm. An Intricate piece, to the puzzle, no more begging for gas, the car will be filled, first stop Gas Station.


The RULES, yeah we play by rules. You get the Gas, he'll get the Tolls, She'll do the Driving, and we can use my car. Get IT, Good let's ride.


The Ride, kind of hard to have a captain and crew with no ship. Don't trip, we've got a solution, a HitchIt rides are reliable, and never fold under pressure.

About Us

We need you to get we're going safely and on time.

Going out of town; are you still travelling the same old fashion way, late for your bus, standing on long lines to board a train, being delayed and overcrowded? Now here is a new and convenient way to make your trip hassle-free. We match you with carefully selected inter-city drivers, going to and from your destination, through our venting process and by giving you access to our menu options. This will give you the ability to afford a remarkable, comfortable and safe trip.

Hitch-it is an Inter-city Transportation Match Tool, you can use interact with the driver by choosing one of the sharing options from the application site. This would give you the ability to work with the vehicle owner, to allow you to become part of his transport pool.

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Night or Day Hitching a Ride is the Only Way.

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